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    Perhaps I have a setting wrong on my end, but I don't see the moderators listed for each forum, so I didn't know who to PM/contact.

    Can we please cut down on the sticky posts in the 700P forum? I have been a long time user (since the 90's)with my Treo300)) of this forum, and thought we kept them to around 5 or less.

    I'll also admit I have not been around as much as I use too, so things may have changed around here? Has TreoCentral changed hands in the past year or two, or is the same team that we have had for the past 5 or more years?

    Thanks for the great work and so useful site! Still one of the most usefull sites on the net!
    Thanks for your consideration and support, Matt Burkhard
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    Yeah, I kind of think there are a lot of stickies. When I am on my Treo, I have to scroll down two or three screens to get to new posts. Maybe they could put one big sticky, with all the other stickies in that one. I have seen that on other forums.
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