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    I have had my 650 for close to 2.5 years. It has served me well. I am now down to my last few megabytes of available RAM which is causing some compromises on what I can run. For example, I need to reboot anytime that I switch from Good to Telenav.

    I have been waiting for a new Palm OS phone for Cingular/GSM. Was hoping for a bigger jump then the 680. In checking the Cingular web site I can get a 680 for $50 which is a good deal.

    Do 680 users think it would be worth upgrading from my 650? The only benefit that I see is losing the antenna and more memory. Anything else? Will a a 755p or something better like 3G support be coming this year for GSM?


    ps: are there good unlock services for the 680, never mind. answer is YES.
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    It took me about 1.5 to 2 full weeks to adjust, but in the end, I think pretty much the 680 is a improved version of the 650 in many ways. I used a 650 for around 2 years also.

    I doubt anything with Palm OS will be running 3G anytime soon so, if you wanted to stay GSM and Palm OS, then the 680 is the only way. It's definetly a good upgrade, and I would never go back to the 650.

    Much more stable, much more space, I manually reset the phone each morning, but my last system reset was 3 weeks ago. That's impossible for the 650.

    I was looking at the HTC S630 for the 3G, better camera, Wifi, but then can't justify $600 for things I honestly rarely use. The 680 is a really good phone, and the good thing is that it's cheap. Buy it for 50 bucks, and if you don't like it, unlock it, and sell it for $300 and buy another phone.....
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    For $50, it's definitely worth the switch...
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    Have any of you had issues with the signal reception of the 680?

    I had a 650 since just after it was released and never had problems with the signal. With my 680, I can have a full signal, then it just drops to nothing. It will cut off calls, etc.

    I don't believe this is at&t's network as my 650 has always worked great in the same locations. This is really ticking me off at my parental units' home, as the phone goes in and out of coverage constantly.
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    I dont' have that, but the 680 sure does take a looooooooong time to find signals.

    Going from no reception to when it finds a signal, it takes almost 30 seconds or more. The 650 takes like maybe 1 minute at most. THAT sucks.
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    Um, so your 680 takes 30s, where the 650 takes a 1 minute. So that's good, right?

    Anywho, I've never noticed a problem with signal dropping out or taking a long time, but if I'm in and out of coverage I am probably driving and not notice.
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    Oh, sorry. 650 takes like 30 seconds max, 680 1 minute max....

    Anyway, I was confused!
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    I recently switched to the 680 after 2.5 years with the 650 (both the unlocked version from Palm used on T-Mobile) and am thrilled with the upgrade. I love the new form factor of the phone, the increased RAM, improved system software (Phone app) and stability. Highly recommended.
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    My 650 has a 2400 mAh battery from Seidio. It looks like I would be taking a step backwards with the 680 unless I wanted the bumped out back which I dont.

    Also the flip lid case from EB would set me back $70 ( which is more then the price of the phone!

    The extra memory is tempting.

    How does the reception compare between the 650 and 680? Is there any signal loss due to the internal antenna? I use an external antenna at my home office. Is the connector on the back the same?
    Decisions, decisions.
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    Basically the question is do you want a 650 with more memory, more stability, more appealing casing, better looking screen, better keyboard?

    If you loved your 650, you will most likely like the 680. If you want something different, the 680 is not going to cut it. It is basically a more appealing, stable 650.
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    My Treo 650 was constantly running out of ram. With the 680, I am good, plenty of space for a variety of palm apps. I have been testing some windows mobile devices the last week or so, and I have to say.. Palm OS still rocks. Why.... because it is simple. It does exactly what I need, no more, no less. The 680 is fast enough to be useful, browses well (to mobile web sites of course), syncs to MS Exchange (yes! this is a huge deal!) and has a very responsive keyboard, much faster than any other device I have. Yes, there are problems, like the mysterious battery drain, which comes and goes, and a shock sensitive screen (a friend broke his by dropping it on a carpeted floor from only about four feet) and completely random crashes that seem to be alleviated by pulling the battery once a day. But overall, my 680 is still the best smartphone I have owned. I really want Windows Mobile to work, (I have and SDA, HTC S620 and Imate Jaq3 right now, all running various editions of Windows mobile) but it is too darn clunky, slow, memory and processor intensive. Long live Palm Os treos! Now if I could just have my unlocked GSM rom upgrade before the next Treo comes out!

    For $50, buy the Treo. I don't think you will be sorry.
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    The reception on my 680 is actually better than the reception on my 650.
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    I've used the 680 for 6 months now. I went through three 650s before CNG upgraded me to the 680.

    It is like night and day in my opinion. The only advantages of the 650 are better battery life, better BT stability on my old SE-HBH610 headset.

    The spec sheet does not reveal the 680 as much, if any, of a superior device, but in my heavy used it is much better.

    Display. Better, even tho this is also a 650 strong point.

    Memory. All I can say is THANK GOD!

    Keyboard. Better.

    Expansion. I use an 8GB SDHC seamlessly.

    Software. All refreshes are improved. Browses faster and smoother. Phone app is much better, except for a few little nags. Camera/media is better. Versamail a bit better. Voice memos on board. Docs to Go better.

    Sound quality & Volume: Lord Jesus! Like night and day.

    Reception & Coverage: Much better with brand new cutting edge Broadcom hardware

    Form factor: It looks kinda the same and dimensions are not that much smaller, bit it feels 1/2 the size and weight to me in hand. Palm really did a good job here, even if the 680 is still a fatty.

    Antenna: The Beast has finally been slain!!!

    $50 is nothing. Just do it.
    Patrick Horne
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    Would going to the 755P (cost not a consideration) be a better choice?
    I also have a 650 and am itching to make a move to what, I don't know.

    Treo 300-650-755P, Contract ends 11/30/07. SERO F&F 1250, The following are unlimited: N&W (7PM), Mobile to Home (M2H), Free Incoming, Vision Data, Text Messages for $49.99 - Plus Sprint AIRAVE @ N/C.
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    As a 680 user, I would say yes Stevie. The camera alone is worth it. Cam is still wimpy in quality, but I take a lot of pix shipping labels, or product labels, or items in stores for future ref. VGA don't cut it. 1.3mpx would be much better.

    Phone app is the oldie, but you get the rubber coating etc. All this assuming that you want CDMA.
    Patrick Horne
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    I recently switched to a 680 after having gone through 3 650's in 2.5 years. Between the new form factor, many fewer crashes, larger memory and better sound quality I find the 680 to be a major step forward in palm/gsm usage.
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    I've had the 680 for 4 or 5 months and before that the 650 for two years.
    I still thinks its mixed, I still re-consider going back to the 650.

    The downsides of the 680 that bother me are:

    - slower processor (downclocked?), so app switching is slower than 650, so I think I hesitate to multitask more
    - app keys and phone keys are harder to press quickly
    - awful battery, but when you get the larger one, the form factor is awful and then larger than your 650

    The upsides I don't want to lose from the 680 are

    - more RAM
    - faster rendering and caching in Blazer
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    how is the experience from 650 to 750?
    I know its a totally diff world...POS & WM but still the palm tweaks & all really works or rather helpful to make a transition form 2 yrs of 650 to 750?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treofan777 View Post
    I've had the 680 for 4 or 5 months and before that the 650 for two years.
    I still thinks its mixed, I still re-consider going back to the 650.

    The downsides of the 680 that bother me are:
    - awful battery, but when you get the larger one, the form factor is awful and then larger than your 650
    Have you tried calibrating the battery with the meter? I read a few posts that reported very good results with this.
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    What I want to know is where are you seeing it for $50?

    The cheapest I have seen it is $150... and really for me, a current at&t customer, it is a tad more on a 2-year contract if I get unlimited data.
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