Hi all:

I would like to know if there is a way to automate changing the Network parameters in the Preferences menu on my Treo 680. I constantly go from Data GPRS services to WAP GPRS services, according to whether e-mail or Blazer browser is in use. (Opera Mini works with same parameters as Versamail AND Agendus Mail) but the default browser is Blazer and there is no way to change this that I know of.

I use NetworkDown to close the GPRS network services, but I have to start all over again going into the Prefs menu to change parameters.

To complicate matters further, my Treo is unlocked and I have two carriers that charge differently for data transfers; I change SIM cards constantly. I know of dual SIM cards, but they involve cutting the original cards, an operation I still resist from attempting...

As you can see, I need HELP!!