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    Coming from an E2 a few months ago, I'm in love with this phone. For the price and features, nothing else compares on the ATT network. Here are my top five things I like about it.
    1. Keyboard. No more stylus pecking or numberpad clicking.
    2. Internet. After some tweaks, I can finally have net to go for many websites.
    3. Googlemaps. I drive a lot for my job. I just have to know where I'm at. No more gas stations.
    4. Organizer. The alarms and calendar means I got to toss out my planner and alarm clock.
    5. MP3 player and Audible Air to listen to music and download audiobooks wirelessly.
    6. 3rd App Support allows me to expand in all kinds of ways. I know, I know, I couldn't help it.

    Currently, I'm trying Life Balance for time management and it looks like another winner.
    One Note: Facer Launcher greatly enhanced my experience.

    ...Visor Prism, Z22, E, E2, T680 and always wondering about the long lost Cobalt.
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    Welcome to the forum...
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    Welcome fellow 680-er!
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    There are so many great applications for PalmOS that you may find this thread useful to narrow them down.
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