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    Is there any 3rd party app which can lock the Treo 680's keyboard without disabling an internet connection?

    The Treo seems great for internet radio, but I can't keep it in my pocket without pressing buttons, and even in a holster this is difficult to avoid. Somebody in another thread suggested Options + Power but that doesn't work for me - stops the radio dead in its tracks.

    Also when playing internet radio the screen never blanks and the keyboard lights never go out, after an appropriate decent interval, as expected. I realize that I can use the brightness shortcut (Options+p) to lower the brightness. At the lowest brightness level the keyboard lights go out and the screen apparently emits no light, but it is still readable with external light. Does this lowest brightness setting save as much power as blanking the screen altogether?

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    What exactly are you using for "internet radio". Pocket Tunes can certainly play in the background with the screen off (hitting the power button).
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    I'm not sure how to find the answer to your question. It's streaming MP3 from a link in the default web browser; the player doesn't identify itself nor respond to the menu key, though the initial screen (while the stream is connecting and buffering) certainly resembles Pocket Tunes. But as soon as I hit the power button the sound stops, presumably because the internet connection is dropped (after I turn it back on, there's a delay while the player buffers the stream again.)
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    That is very odd.. Yes, it'll launch directly into Pocket Tunes if it's installed. I suggest launching PTunes directly and checking the various settings. Maybe there is one to stop playing on power off, but I didn't think there was.

    By the way, the default way to launch that "popup" when Pocket Tunes is playing is the Calendar button. From there you can stop, play, next, adjust volume, etc.. Hint: You can pause/play and adjust volume from the side keys while the phone is on, even with keyguard. I often want to adjust it, so I hit power, adjust, and by the time the phone turns itself off from me not unlocking keyguard, it's where I want it to be.

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