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    I am currently using my Treo with POP3 to download every 15 minutes.

    When I first got the 700P I began the install of Wireless Synch and changed my mind. Verizon sent me an E-mail with instructions to install, and I am considering doing the setup, but I have a few questions first.

    If my PC or internet goes down at home.....does that mean no e-mail on the 700P until I fix that?

    How stable is it?

    What are users experience with it thus far? I did a search, and the last discussion I saw about this was May of last year.

    I look forward to replies, I'm really curious if this is worth it to do it or not.
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    Oh by the way, I am not on an exchange server, just a single laptop using outlook and one individual private e-mail account.
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    Does anybody use it? Anyone????
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    I do, and so far it works just fine. I'm not quite sure how it would be affected by losing your internet at home, but somehow I doubt it would be. As far as functionality, you can set it to override your "master" email account, so if you read/delete and email on your Treo, it's deleted/marked as read on your master account. You can also download attachments, though I doesn't appear as though you can upload them. As for the other features (wireless backup, contacts, calendar, etc...), I haven't bothered with them, so I can't comment on how well they work. As far as stability, it's been rock solid thus far. No crashes, hiccups or lags.

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    Wireless Synch is horrible. Check out Chattermail.

    Run a search on wireless sync and you'll find several threads explaining why most people choose chatter or another email app over wireless sync.
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    Yea, I tried a search, the threads are old, I didnt know if they had done updates since. POP is fine, I was looking to do the realt time synch of Contacts and Calendar, but I didnt want to move forward with that until I heard actual user experiences first.
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    I did not like active sync for calendar & contacts because it screw up hot sync with palm desktop. I believe it caused database errors that I then fixed with DBScan (GREAT program).

    My understanding is that Hot Sync & Active sync take files apart & re-assemble them differently & understand this is what causes the problems.

    Also - Active Sync only kept calendar entries for something like 90 days of history & I need it to stay until I archive.

    Hope this helps.

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