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    I'm running my Treo with the MR, and I don't think I've noticed much improvement in the lag, either switching to Phone application or Blazer. (Actually Blazer is half improved; if I haven't run it in a while it takes forever, if I've run it recently, even if I've run other applications since the last time, it starts up fast.)

    I have about 15MB of memory free. If I go through the exercise of freeing up a bunch of more memory, e.g. by moving apps to the card, is that likely to make to decrease the lag (in general, not just Blazer)?

    Any thoughts are welcome.
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    Try this...

    In Blazer go to the 'Options' menu and pick 'Preferences...'. Now in the Page tab where it reads 'Start With' select 'Last Page Viewed'. Now go to the 'Advanced' tab and uncheck 'Clear cache on exit'. These two setting make my Blazer a little zippier.

    Overall I'd say my 700p is significantly improved after the MR.

    Good luck,


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