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    Do not install an old version of Softick Card Export II to your Treo 755p!

    In the "Programs that work on the 755p." thread someone said:

    "CardExport II v2.25.977 has been working fine so far and I've actually used it quite a bit."

    So I installed it on my 755p today and it installed just fine. However when I first tried to use it with my new 4GB miniSDHC card it reset my 755p! After that whenever I just plugged it into the hotsync cable it would reset and continue to reset until I unplugged the cable!

    I then googled and found some other poor slob with the same problem:

    And then checked the softick website and sure enough on 7-2-07 they released a NEW version, ver 2.26, that IS compatible with the 755p

    Alas the only solution I could find was to hard reset!
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    I had similar issues with version v2.25.977. It caused a reset while transferring files, and after that, every time I plugged into a sync cable, my treo went into perpetual resets. I had to sync via bluetooth, then do a hard reset to fix the problem. DO NOT USE v2.25.977!
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    But where the hell is v2.26 on the website to download?
    Am I missing something?
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    Here's a direct link to the 2.26 version for the 755p only. Seems to be working (finally), but make sure to uninstall any older versions first.

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