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    I just purchased TomTom for my Treo 700p. I have a couple of questions/problems.

    1. Does it have to be run from the card? Or can I install it on the Palm itself? I use my other card a lot and think it could be easier to run it off the palm...

    2. I seem to have a problem saving some of my options, e.g., my options for where "Home" is from my Tom Tom. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks for any help at all. I really appreciate it.

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    I hate to be captain obvious but, did you read the manual?
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    Yes, I did. But thanks for asking. Anyone else?


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    Unless you have a 200mb-1.5Gb Treo, you will have to run TomTom from card. A small app will install in RAM, but the rest will be on the card. In fact, you either need to use the apps Card Export or Card Reader to make your Treo act as a card reader or actually use a card reader with your card in order to install TomTom.
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    Thank you John. I appreciate it.


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    I was using TomTom6 on my 700p. Had a 2 gig card that I had copied the maps and other files from the card that came with the application. It was running well, until yesterday. Now, when i try to launch Navigator, I get a brief screen with the TomTom logo, then it goes blank, and cycles back to the Treo Menu screen.
    I tried to copy the files again, but no luck.
    What did I do? How do I fix it.
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    When that happened to me it was a corrupted file. I was using CardExport to copy the files and it was a long process. I then used a USB adapter, reformatted the card following the directions posted somewhere on these forums (to use correct block size), and copied the files again. That fixed it for me.

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