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    My phone will alert me that there's new email. I go to check it in Versamail and it will show up to 15 (or more) messages at a time. When they download, they're weeks old. I used to be able to get current email within seconds on my Treo650. Now I only get old messages. Has anyone else had this issue? Better yet, has anyone fixed this issue?
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    I used to get it all the time but I never did resolve it so I gave up. Sorry
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    I get that too on one of my 3 email accounts I check manually ( Compuserve IMAP). It started about 3 months ago. It was worse at first. It would download as many as 190 old emails if I recall from as long as 2 months earlier and it would take several minutes to do it, and I couldn't stop the process. I would go check the mail site and those messages wouldn't even be on it - deleted long ago. Now the first time I check it each day it gives me any messages from the last week, even if I've deleted them from the Compuserve server. Never earlier. I have the VM settings to only get unread mail and to delete each day. Bottom line - I don't know why, but at least it's not as bad as it was. My other two mail accounts (pop3) don't do that. I have the settings identical for VM on all three.
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    It's happened to me ever since I got the 755 on my aol account only. It only gets the mail that I still have in my new folder so it's not getting old mail, just current. I have it set to manually get my email, and I NEVER check my aol mail on the 755 unless I'm out of town. I go to it, and it's there. Not a bother, just strange.
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    I have a gmail account that I've been pulling email from using Versamail. I have the 650. What's the best way to do email? I also have a hotmail account. Should I use gmail or hotmail? Is there something better than versamail?

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