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    I am using my VZ treo 700p and Sprint 755p side by side. So far, driving from Pittsburgh to near Philadlephia, the Sprint signal was at least one or two bars stronger the entire length of Pennsylvania. I too am sick of VZ not having the newest phones and waiting endlessly for them. I am trying this for a week or two and probably switching to sprint. Their CS reports are the only thing that scare me, but it may be worth it for a better phone.
    Go with Sprint if its that good. I used to be with Verizon myself and will never go back. I will go to Alltel, AT&T, or Tmobile if I left Sprint. The carriers will catch up to Verizons large but inconsistant technological old analogue 800MHz and somewhat 1900MHz mess of a network. "Can you hear me now" is all they got. They have to charge an arm and a leg to be able to afford to upgrade their network to digital by government standards.
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