I own a Treo 680.
Rogers (Ontario, Canada) is my voice carrier and I do not have a data plan yet.
We have our own domain which is hosted by Bell.
I use OutLook 2007 and pop3 to retrieve our Email.

I would like to be able to retrieve, reply and compose Email on the road.
I was thinking of having Outlook running on my desktop and forwarding E-mail from specific clients to a dedicated Email address for my phone (mobile@mydomain.com).
I think that the volumes would be relatively small.
Is this the direction I should be considering?

Also, which software should should I be using on my phone?
Lastly, which plan from Rogers?
I saw some sketchy information for Treo Mail in their FAQ but could not find details in their plans.
I really do not know all of the questions to ask so I really appreciate the guidance.