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    Haven't seen anyone else mention this.. Saw an updated version of Profiles today.

    Last Updated: June 22, 2007

    Summary: Simple Profile Manager for Treo 600/650/680/700p/755p
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    This was posted in the 755 forum. Using it now on my 700P (MR).
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    Glad to see this update since I have 700p. Downloaded version 1.05t and installed. Before launching the app (remember it is shown in PREFS only) I sent SMS text message which received garbled. Then my phone data connection was no longer working. A hard reset (not to worry I have Resco Backup) and the data connection still did not work. I contacted Verizon and they could not fix problem. Another phone is being sent to me. The technician indicated that software can damage the phone in such a way that things no longer work after a hard reset. Has anyone had such a thing happen to them before? I have no idea if this is related to Profiles and am posting here since it did happen after its download to phone.
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    Nope... Highly unlikely.
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    Wow, that is great news! It is a little buggy on my 650 (previous version) so maybe this new one will work better.
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    Data connection fixed and Profiles installed just fine. I do not believe my problem was related to the app installation and use. Looking forward to this working for me and thankful it was updated.
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    I've been a long time ProfileCare user, but just started looking at Profiles again since it switches profiles nearly instantaneously (vs 30-45 seconds for ProfileCare on my 700p).

    I guess the rest of you probably know this already, but in case anyone else runs into it, you have to check the "S" box on the switcher window to get the triggers to automatically fire. That wasn't obvious from the doc as I thought enabling Profiles would be enough and the "S" option only applied to triggers that were scheduled while a manually selected profile was active.
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