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    On my 755p, I have started to get the error message "Message is too large" everytime I have it get messages. I have cleared the DBs several times, changed the settings but it still happens. Odd thing is it is getting the messages fine, just keeps showing that error.

    Any help?
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    Well, first time I have posted an issue that nobody had any input for!

    But as it turns out, I have found the problem.

    I was accessing my yahoo account through Versamail. I get quite a few emails on that account and as I had been away from the desktop for quite a while, I had not deleted any or moved any into other folders. Thus the number of emails built up got quite large.

    Even though versamail was set to only retreive the last 3 days of mail and even though I had cleared out all of the old messeges and DBs. The large number of yahoo entries that it saw was what was causing the error alert.

    Once I deleted a bunch of the emails and moved (several hundred) into a file folder other than "inbox" the alert went away
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    I have the same issue with GMail. But, I never have morw than 10 in the inbox at a time.
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    I use Gmail as well and receive the same error. I only have about 3 messages in my inbox...

    Chad Garrett

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