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    I have Verizon and insurance.

    I am having major issues syncing via Bluetooth - like, it fails in the middle and won't finish. Fine, find the cable - well, the stupid Palm Cable wont' stay plugged in and it is botching syncing left and right.

    I've spent more time on syncing issue the last week than since i got it a week ago (I never sync'd a lot - i run a backup to my card, but i need to share my calendar now - which means syncing).

    Anyway, i'm guessing if it needs replacing they will do the 700p. Do i want that? I don't know..... seriously, i don't need any of it - i LIKE my phone, and this syncing thing is the only problem i have.

    UGH. And I don't want to go to the Verizon store with 3 kids along either. Double UGH.
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    1, I suggest you back up your Treo by using a third party backup software like Resco Backup (trial period is good enuff) Hard reset, choose another sync ID, try to sync via Bluetooth again w/o anything install. You also may try to sync to a different PC to figure what cause the issue. BTW, syncing via Bluetooth is darn slow vs cable due to speed on Bluetooth version 1.1 on Treo 650.

    2, Buy another sync cable or cradle.

    3, If your treo is still under warranty, they must replace it w/o any additional cost. If it's no longer covered by manufactory warranty, then your phone insurance will be kicked in and, of course; you have to shell out the deductible. Finally, if you're lucky enough, they (either verizon or phone insurance co.) will replace it with 700p or even better, a 755p

    Treo Maniac?
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    I got some help in the Verizon forum.

    I use NVBackup nightly - and i've restored from it so i feel pretty good about my backup.

    I am not going to buy another stupid cable - i have a secondary one in the car that is also having issues staying in. It's overall driving me insane!

    It sounds like the insurance will be what we do.

    I'm not so sure from reading the 700p forum that that is going to be "lucky" for me to get

    Thanks -
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    My 650 cables don't stay in very well, either. I use the 680's cables now and the fit is much tighter and more secure...
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    I have to sit and hold it in while it sync's - it's driving me bonkers. I can't even have it sitting on the desk, push them in and leave them..... they come out during the sync.

    The irony is - i have probably only knocked it off the belt clip like twice in the 1.5 years i've had it - between Tuesday till last night - it came off my belt doing normal "things" 5 different times. Now i'm trying to figure out if the belt clip got sprung. I seriously am not up to dealing with it dumping out into the toilet (almost did at Disney today).

    At least others have the "won't stay in problem" - that makes me not feel alone. Wouldn't be so bad if the BT worked to sync (maybe this is why the headset didn't work 3/4 of the time too???).

    Tired Tracey
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    Your insurance or palm will replace it. The second time I had my 650 replaced under warranty was for this issue.
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    I haven't had a chance to deal with it yet - i think i'll end up waiting about 2 weeks. I'm jam packed until them, and can't be without it.....

    Wake me up when chaos is over! LOL!!
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