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    This HC card is driving me nuts. It is a class 2 SDHC card.

    If I ever go to the camera function - it's over. Card won't work - meaning I can't see what's on the card and can't write to card.

    Anyone have any suggestions of very fast cards and great prices - other than Transcend? It looks like a Class 6 would be a better choice.

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    This was the first card I brought (1GB) when I got the 755 but it crashed everything I tried to access it. After re-formatting nearly 15 times I returned the card and exchange it for the same brand but 2GB size and I haven't had a problem since. I suggest exchanging it for a new one then if it doesn't work switch over to Kington I've never had a problem with them.
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    Thanks, Doc.

    I'm thinking the card is fried at this point. There are some files on there which I can't delete either through a reader or FileZ. Now, I can't even format the silly thing.

    What is the fastest card out there? I'm confused about the different speeds.

    I thought class 6 was the fastest, but I can't find any on Newegg or Amazon.

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