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    Hello, Long time listener first time caller....

    OK I have a 650 and it is unlocked. It is a cingular branded phone. I went to update it to the 1.20 version and failed. The version on the phone is 1.17-cng
    I am on t-mobile. Does it really matter ? If it does why cant it all be in one place to upgrade it? I hate having to go through a thousand steps just to update. Lazy i guess. HAHA
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    I could be wrong but I think you can only apply the Cingular update to this phone.
    It would mean you need to unlock it again.
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    Some answers to both of you (in order of their appearances):
    1/ x.xx-CNG really doesn't matter whatever GSM network you are or will be on.
    2/ If you still want to flash x.xx-ENA, use ROM tool, change the token to lower number, eg 1.68-ENA, then flash w/ the latest 1.71-ENA avail. on palm website.
    3/ Lock or unlocked status does not change or affect by ROM up/downgrade.
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