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    When in bookmarks edit view:

    1. After deleting a particular bookmark, there is another one (something I had previously bookmarked but deleted prior) left in that 'slot'.

    2. I show an open 'slot' on page 1 of my bookmarks but I cannot drag a bookmark from pg 2 to pg 1.

    3. When I move a bookmark to change the order on the bookmark page, all the bookmarks seem to shuffle randomly.
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    I've searched, and will continue to search, but I am hoping someone else is having this problem. Basically, my bookmarks have a mind al their own. I delete, and there are old bookmarks underneath. Also, sometimes deleted bookmarks just reappear for no reason. I understand there is a new update from Sprint, so maybe that will fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Acts 20:24,
    John Ross
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    ttt - I am having this problem too. Can anyone help????

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