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    Had my treo 700p from sprint now for about 4 months.
    I like it.
    But ever since the 1st week, I noticed the phone will just freeze up on me at least a couple times a day, and I have to reset it.

    And this new problem just started today: Can't recieve text messages from anyone. And phone constantly resets it self, and when it turns back on the phone is always turned off?


    Any ideas before I call sprint. The main reason I have the treo is the qwerty keybaord for texting!

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    Have you installed other third party applications? Are you in a good signal zone, or going in and out of roaming or in subways where the connection is frequently lost?
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    I havent added any applications or deleted anything.
    And as for coverage. I'm in the exact same areas I have been in for the last 6 yrs!

    I found this out.
    When I someone does send me a text. The phone will reset. And wont deliver me the text.
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    If you don't have any messages that you'd like to save, try deleting "Messages Database" and "SMS Messages2" files (with FileZ). Sometimes they get corrupted and cause problems.
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    Don't have any messages or saved messages
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    Get a replacement although it may not fix anything since all the 700p's are faulty. Also try Hard resets and Factory Resets (need MSL from Sprint CS)

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