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    Hey guys,

    It seems Ive lost sports in On Demand. Ive checked all my settings and I cant find a way to reinstall On Demand or to refresh the pick list.

    Any help?

    I went ahead and downloaded Handmark Express in the meantime but I dont want to have to carry an extra program if I dont have to.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hard reset is the only answer.
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    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    You could try filez and take out all preferences pertaining to on demand it may help or may not. cant hurt before a hard reset
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    See this post, I quoted the thread that helped me. Just wanted to post in case anyone else has the same trouble.

    heres the link for the whole thread:
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    I had the identical problem and thanks to this post and Copernicus I solved the problem quickly and, thank goodness, without a hard reset. Just wanted to say thanks.
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    My brother's 700 was resetting in OnDemand sports. I tried deleting OD files but had no luck. I did resort to a hard reset (wasn't that bad) and setup OD from scratch and restored everything except all OD files. He's very happy. If you have a backup to SD solution, a hard reset is the easiest fix for corrupted files and it doesn't take that long either. In this case, it was definitely easier than hunting down the bad file.
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