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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Feather View Post

    I am not going to get into comparing travel schedules, but I will say it's clear that you haven't used the iPhone. I say that because the problems you're citing (keyboard, EDGE) really aren't big problems once you use the phone and the Treo problem you mentioned (web browser) really is a big problem compared to the iPhone.
    Not sure what browser problem you mean. My 700P browser seems to be more stable than Safari on iPhone, and I find the reformatted pages in Blazer easier to read than repeatedly scrolling side to side and up and down on the iPhone.

    And I have to wonder if you've used EVDO. I can't believe you'd make the comment you do about EDGE if you had.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Feather View Post
    You make a good point with the iPhone's email capabilities. Lacking BCC, Reply-To, EAS, attachments and any ability to load a 3rd party client stinks. All of these are minor problems for me (I forward emails to a Yahoo account that pushes them to the iPhone) and some or all of them may end up getting solved with software updates.
    Minor for you perhaps, but not for me. The iPhone email client is brain-dead. Competing phones have had better email features for the last 5 years, and Apple couldn't manage to incorporate them? Reply-to and attachments are basic capabilities even the most simple client should have.

    And I can't help but think that iPhone fans are putting a lot of faith in future updates. I think a lot of the feature limitations are deliberate, and a reflection of Job's / Apples focus on "simplicity." Look at the iPod: there have been no real changes to the interface since version 1, in spite of the many things that could be changed to make it more capable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Feather View Post
    I guess it really depends on what you are looking for in a phone. If you are all about productivity and the interface is less important, then the Treo is great.
    Isn't productivity why we spend all this money on a smartphone? I, for one, didn't do it to impress anybody, but to manage my life more easily. The iPhone just doesn't do it for me. In fact, it would make my life more complicated (compared to using my Treo), not easier. The lack of any way to search or narrow the contact list is, by itself, a deal kiler. I guess no one at Apple has more than 10 or 20 contacts. Scrolling through a list of 150 or more is painful. And it appears none of the woman at Apple grow their fingernails. Or maybe Jobs just felt, once again, that "cool" was more important than useability.

    It really seems like Apple was so convinced of it's own superiority it designed the iPhone in a vacuum, and never even really looked at the competition. Otherwise, I don't know how they could have overlooked so many basic features. The iPhone is truly a remarkable example of style over substance. I'll give it credit, though, it is a masterpiece of style.
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    if i remember correctly, apple has never "updated" an ipod - they just keep making new ones for people to buy.
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