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    no lag here either
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    Aww, I wonder what's doing it then. This stinks, and I hate going through the narrow down process.
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    Well, it's a pain to figure out, but it's a very stable email client on my Treo. Certainly anything you've got that affects fonts should be the first thing to try. I just turned off FS and that worked.
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    I don't have anything that affects font. Well, MAYBE in LauncherX, it changes the font in there, but that's it.
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    I use Launcher X, and it has no
    Call Block, Card Reader, DTG, Rescoe Explorer and Backup, Free Wallet, Google Maps, IBM Java, Opera Mini, Palm PDF, PDA net, Snap, Tide Tool, Voice Dial, Volume Care, Slingplayer, Crash, Colorize, Fontsmoother, Ludus P, Directory Asst, PalmInternals, TCPMP, pTunes upgraded, Splash Photo, ResetNetLib, 2day, Notepad, HanDBase, and KSDatebook.
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    I think I'm just going to do a hard reset and install everything one by one. It'll give me something to do while I'm washing clothes. I have much of the same things you have, but I have been demoing some new stuff lately, maybe something got left behind.

    Here's a list of everything, from the RemoveIt list....
    2dial, BackupBuddyVFS v., Bejeweled!, Bike or Die!, Butler, Converter, DateDiff, Directory Assistant, DTG, FileZ, GoogleMaps, HandZipper, HoliDates2, HourlyXCast, IBM Java VM, KB LightsOff, LauncherX, MissingSync, Mundu IM, My Treo, Off Flush, On Demand, Opera Mini, PalmInternals, Passwords Plus, PenPenCol, pTunes (built in), RemoveIt, RingCare, Sea War MP, SkyForce, Snap, Snood, Solitaire, Stopwatch, TCPMP, Video Jigsaw, Village Sim, VolumeCare.

    Wow, maybe that's my problem. I didn't realize I had that many programs. I'm not sure if it affects anything though, since most of them aren't background ones (like Butler or 2dial are), they're only used when I tell them.
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    I have been using VM for 15 months now without any issues on my 700p. The 600 version was problematic so I used chatter on my 600. On my 700p chatter caused endless issues but Versamail has been rock solid stable since the day the 700p came out.
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    VM is the only stable thing about my 700p.
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