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    OK, so I'm not in lust with my new 755, but it is solid -- not a single crash in almost two weeks. Build quality is good overall and I'm happy.

    However, is anyone else a bit underwhelmed with the cheesy stylus? My 700p has a nice solid metal stylus with a bit of heft to it. This new one, 2/3 of it plastic, leaves MUCH to be desired.

    I would like to officially put in my request for a more substantial stylus. I know, seems petty, but I want what I want. Who's with me?
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    i bought a 2 pack of "styra?" pen stylus which work really well plus i get a pen - way better that the flimsy stock styli!
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    plastic stylus = better reception with internal antenna
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    plastic stylus = better reception with internal antenna
    AAAWWWW! That makes perfect sense! I (and I bet others) were really confused by such a nice and solid phone had such a rubbish stylus!
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    When I had the pen stylus with the 700p, the plastic end (the non-writing/stylus end) kept breaking off because of being constantly pulled out. I actually like the 755 stylus because it is lighter and the end that gets the most yanking is one piece with the stylus.
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    OK, so I figured I'd take a chance on signal strength and purchase a replacement stylus that is more appropriate to the fit and finish of the Treo 755p. I purchased the Smartphone Experts Solid Stylus right here from the TreoCentral Store.

    The styli are very nice -- As far as I can tell, it's an exact match to the OEM in terms of size and fit. The weight and feel in your hands is night-and-day different -- a HUGE improvement over the mostly plastic one that ships with the phone. If you've seen or felt the original 700p stylus, this one is a dead-on match.

    As far as the effect on signal, I attempted my own pseudo scientific test using an old RSSI application I have. I checked a number of times with the old stylus, the new stylus and no stylus. I ran the test in four or five different locations.

    In the end, I seems these is absolutely no difference in signal strength between OEM stylus, replacement all-metal stylus and no stylus. Of course this is a rather crude test, and the fraction of units are unknown (if there was a variance, it was less than .9 units, for example).

    Anyway, I see no difference in signal strength and could not be happier with the quality of the replacement styli...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    plastic stylus = better reception with internal antenna
    I figured Palm did it to cut down on weight, and maybe to save a few cents. There's plenty of metal inside the device, doubt that a metal stylus on the other side of the device would do anything but enhance the signal.

    The way they implemented the pen is really weird, I'm not a big fan of those tiny tips that unscrew themselves off - would rather have it solid with a pen at the tip if anything.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I agree with kd on the Smartphone Experts Solid Stylus. I just got mine from the TreoCentral store in silver and I love it! Don't have to worry about the tip falling off, and it just feels better in my hand. I play a lot of games so stylus pressure is important and this is much better than the OEM stylus. So far I see no difference in signal strength either. I can highly recommend this stylus. Of course YMMV.
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    I kinda like the new cheesy styli. I think it's purty...
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    I also think the stock one is just fine... it's like I'm gonna use it to stab anyone.
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    I bought the ones from the Treocentral store. 1,000% improvement.

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