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    I almost bought an iPhone yesterday... I went to the Apple store with my friend; he bought one and I played with it for a long time.

    It was great to see such a fast phone--no lag for anything! Also, seeing the full internet (except for Flash and Java, sadly) was amazing. I'm still not a huge fan of the keyboard.

    The main thing keeping me with Treo right now, believe it or not, is the DUN hack.
    The DUN hack is priceless!

    I love it!
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    I am happy to see it living up to the hype. Looks like MS, Palm and Nokia have a new platform to compete with. With 3rd party app support of course.
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    Post-MR 700p is fine for me right now. I can't afford the cover charge to move to another platform on Sprint, and I'll be a rotten apple before I move to ATT just for a phone.

    Keep the heads up folks, the 700p is a very viable platform and still does most things well enough...
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    Wouldn't trade my current (post MR) 700p for the current iphone even-steven.
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