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    Newbie question here.

    I use Gmail for all my email purposes.

    Which would be the best program to use for my mail?

    Snappermail or chattermail???

    Right now I'm using versamail and its really anoying coz it sends a copy of all sent items to my inbox. Is there any way to take care of this?

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    I have used both Snapper and Chattermail for retrieving gmail. They both work fine.
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    I installed Chattermail on my treo this morning.

    I still get a copy of sent messages from my Gmail delivered to my inbox on my Treo.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Is there a way to fix this??

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    It is not really a problem. Look at your settings within ChatterEmail concerning deleting messages and then on the GMail site about deleting/archiving messages.

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    the sent thing happens with gmails pop server. it happens the fisrt time you use pop to acess mail.
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    I just use the HTML version of gmail on the browser. it is pretty fast and since you are connected directly to the server you can do everything you want. If you set your number of messages to 25 and your cache to 0 it works quite well. You also have access to check boxes so you can easily manipulate messages.
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