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    Are there any functional for PalmOS programs that let the Treo (I got a 700P) act as a remote control (next, back, skip, volume,etc.) for Winamp, Windows Media Player, or any mp3 player program for a computer equipped with BT?

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    Salling Clicker turns a mobile phone or handheld computer into an advanced wireless two-way remote control for your Mac or Windows PC.
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    WOW!! Thats an awesome program, very good functionality, finally got my BT to work on my Dell laptop and it runs nicely, but if only I used iTunes or Window Media as my primary mp3 player.... maybe I can convert tho, its just that I use Winamp because of the good plugin programs to increase sound quality and such, hmmm

    If anyone reads this and knows more for Winamp specifically, it'd be greatly appreciated, but johncc, that was an awesome program, very worth the money if I decide to convert
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    Hey nevermind, after more searching the Salling site, I found some 3rd party apps to do what I want to do, and am currently setting it up.

    Thank you SO MUCH!! You really made my day, it was sucking bad with my painful broken ankle I have yet to go to the ER for, but atleast I can twiddle around with my Winamp and PowerDVD mobile playing apps!! THANKS AGAIN BRO!!!

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