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    Most of what I have managed to find have been bluetooth headsets but I was interested if any of you have found any bluetooth headphones. I had come across a Logitech Model for MP3 players and IPods but according to all the reviews I saw it was flimsy at best and very prone to breaking.

    I had also seen some other models that did not appear to be compatible with my phone (Treo 700 w/x). Can any of you point me in the direction as to a pair of bluetooth headphones that would work with the Treo? I only need these for listening to music through the MP3 Player as I have a regular bluetooth headset for phone calls. Any info would be great.. Thanks!

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    Motorola S9 is good (for light durable applications). For real audiophile-like quality, try Bluetooth® DJ Headphones S805, or Pulsar™ 590E Bluetooth® Headset.
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