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    i have a 755p and whenever i download and install a new app it copies the files over fine but after that it is stuck with a phone and computer picture, 4circles with the green one moving back and forth, and my treo sync at the top. the only way to get out of this is by soft resetting it. i tried a hard reset and i still have this problem. i've only had the phone for less than a week and it was installing apps perfectly fine when i first got it. anybody have any clue on how to fix this? if nobody replies with a solution that works i guess i'm gonna call sprint on monday and return the phone. maybe try the mogul or blackberry
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    My wifes' does this during a sync as well, so I'll be looking for a solution to. You're not alone

    EDIT : Are you using Vista? In our case, we are.
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    Mine was doing this on Friday but it is OK seems to have been some sort of network/server issue.

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