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    I am using which is a great service (one phone number calls multiple phone at the same time. My voice messages are send via email and via text. Somehow they arrive as a file which appears that I can hear them - Kinomo opens automatically - but the message cannot play.

    When donloading the messages via email and tapping on the play button, it asks if I want to save it to card or save and open. I am clicking on the latter without success.

    The service is free and is tremendous. I really want to hear my messages with the 700P. Customer support for is useless. Any ideas?
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    I haven't tried getting messages by email, but I'm having a similar issue with their mobile service. I click on Play, and Kinoma opens but just says "Connecting" forever. This is on a 755p. No problems with a desktop browser, so I assume it's specific to Kinoma.

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