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    I have had my 755 for about 2 weeks now. When I am on call in my car and my 755 is in its charging cradle the screen only dims after about a minute but never goes off. Eventually the screen goes black because the 755 is so hot (same overheating feature as the 650).

    First thing is: Is my 755 defective? I know that the screen going black is like a safety feature to prevent overheating but my 650s screen and keyboard would turn off after a minute of conversation. If a second call came in or I ended the original call the screen and keyboard would light up again on the 650.

    Second: If this is in fact how all 755s work (Palm is stupid if so), are there any apps out there that will turn off both the screen and keyboard when on a call?

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    Hi Robert,

    Do a search in this forum and you will find a number of discusions on the 755p screen diming when it gets HOT.

    You talked about a "overheating feature on the 650". Is this something that you found documented for the 650 ? I have contacted Sprint and Palm support even second level and they act like they never heard of this dimming problem.

    I have found that based on where you have your brightness setting the backlite will either dim or turn off. I too feel that this is designed to work this way but you would think that Palm would have this documented somewhere.

    I see this dimming problem while streaming music or video for a long time and the air temp is also warm or hot.

    The funny thing is that if this dimming is used to conserve power you would think that they would also turn off the keyboard backlite.

    As far as your other question about the display not turning off while charging. The 755p has a setting to dim the backlite after a set time on a call but I don't think the 755p will never turn off the backlite while you are on a call.

    There is a utility "KB LightsOff" that allows you to control the keyboard backlite. It has many different control options.


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