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    "I used tomtom 5 with the Treo. Actually, the proper term is that I "made it work" on the 755, I don't actually use it."

    Sounds like you never got it to work properly because, as I understand it, you need Navigator 6.0.3 for compatibility with the 755.
    I've got TomTom 5 working on the 755 without any trouble. As I understand it there are some GUI improvements in v6 plus map updates, but I have no crashes or other issues noticed on the 755 with v5 straight off the CD.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    received my Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit with TomTom 6 on mini SD card. Carefully followed directions. Used "Automatic" activation (700p w/ Sprint).
    at end of process, message"did not activate fully"
    Is true.
    Did not install "GPS Car Kit" into Applications menu.
    When I try to boot TomTom, it goes to legal notice screen, then map choice screen, then exits.
    Then I went to my car. Put phone into GPS kit, start Navigaton, plug power into GPS and the blue light comes on for a few seconds, then off.
    How do I go back and start activation process over again?
    Is there something wrong with GPS unit?
    How do I install to 2GB card? I tried making "TomTom" folder and copying mini SD card to it, but nothing shows in menu.
    Bottom line - installation to phone did not work, and GPS unit does not seem to work.
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