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    I happened to glance at my 755p today and saw that it seemed to self-inititate some sort of auto sync to "My Treo"...but would never seem to be able to establish a connection. Once it even locked up...but usually I hit the cancel button and got the message "Can't connect to server"

    I think this even happened once I turned the My Treo app Auto-Update off. Or maybe it turned itself back to auto update after a soft reset?

    I was able to successfully download Solitaire a few days ago...and tried to download the File Browser utility. Solitaire works fine but on the File Browser I kept getting a message about some missing "localization" file. I deleted the File Browser since I have FileZ anyway.

    Has anyone else experienced this failure to connect issue? It's really not important that it work...but I just don't like having something on my Treo that doesn't do what is supposed to, regardless if I ever use it.
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    I had the exact same thing happen today. I left it and it went like that for over an hour and I had to pull the battery out to reset. Would love to know why this happened, too!

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