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    I purchased an unlocked treo680 a week ago. I have not figured out how to download ringtones. I've tried the users manual and other threads on forums, but I cannot grasp how to do it. Can anyone expain to me in simple terms how I can do it? I do not have any applications, other than what came with the phone. I've been afraid to do something wrong.
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    I've never "downloaded" / purchased a ringtone from one of the carrier$ or other online source. But, since you are interested, you should not be without the awesome and currently free app called MiniTones. It takes your digital music or voice recordings and allows you to clip out any portion or the entire file and turn it into a 680 ringtone. It's wonderful and free of carrier tyranny.
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    In order to use Minitones (or the similar and also free Musictones) you will need your source music files (.mp3) in a folder on an SD card. You should get an SD card anyway to store audio and video files, and then you can look at using your 680 as a media player. (including video using the free program TCPMP)

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    I used to use Minitones - well after all it is free. But it does take up Ram. As I need a call filter application, I have since moved on to Call Block Ringtone Edition. Does Call/SMS filtering and MP3 ringtones (directly from card) very nicely without any lag or delay in incoming calls. The added benefit with this program is that it really amplifies the ringtone volume!
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