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    My company has switched my pin # and is forcing me to reprovision. What is the difference between a reprovision and a Hard Reset?
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    Hard reset is related to the device. It basically erases everything on the phone and takes you back to the state when you received it.

    A reprovision has to do with your Good Mobile Messaging software and reinstalls the software and then sends all the data back to your device. Reprovisioning will not affect any other software or files on your device
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    Thanks for the help.
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    Dsol is spot but should also add when reprov vs. hard reset should be used or needed.

    One would reprov if account was corrupt, stopped syncing, failing to sync all data (missing appts or messages) but the account and client remain untouched. Nice to have if traveling, dont have access to OTA PIN or want to repair GMM without hard reset & having to redownload the GMM client again (like when roaming).

    If the account has been deleted and recreated, one must either uninstall GMM, soft reset and reinstall GMM or hard reset\reinstall.

    It could also be they regenerated the OTA PIN (required if IT expires OTA PIN after "x" days or after first install). In this case reinstall GMM OTA and GMM client using new OTA.

    Hope this helps.

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