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    I got one of the first Treo 650s and have had it for several years. Where I live we FINALLY have EV-DO so I am now upgrading to a 755p.

    Below are pictures of my beloved, but BATTERED, 650. I do not want a case to come between me an my phone, so I am going to try an invishield skin. However, as you can see the pictures, I had problems with the corners and the d-pad and the area next to the screen. It is my understanding that the skin won't cover those areas.

    As much as I love my pro-clip car mount, you can see the long lines where it scratched the paint off the battery cover.

    Here are some questions:
    1) It is possible to use the extra materal from the invisiShield to cover the corners and the D-pad?

    2) If I do get a case, will the case make the 755 too big for the proclip car mount? My 650 was too snug to begin with.

    3) Will the proclip 650 mount work with the 755? I am loath to spend ANOTHER $35 for a 755 holder for the car mount.
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    I will point out that the flash of the camera does make the phone look worse than it does in real life. The contrast, between the paint and the areas where the paint has come off, is not nearly as stark under normal lighting conditions!
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    Many of the skin cases do cover the Dpad.

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