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    So I recently got Goodlink setup on my WM device. Everything looks pretty good so far except for a couple issues that I was hoping someone might have some experience with.

    1) My phone now seems to wake up out of standby periodically on its own (ie. sitting on a table, in my belt holster, etc). This has already led to some unintended dialing and untold lost battery life. Is this normal? Is there some way to prevent this?

    2) On a somewhat related note, I'm going to traveling outside the country in the near future and don't want to pay international data rates for my work email. I found the "Exit Good Messaging" under the Good Launcher and disabled by GPRS connection, but it seems to relaunch/reconnect periodically on its own. Is there any way to disable this?

    Thanks in advance!


    Edit - BTW, I have I saw some other forum posts describing an auto-start problem/"feature", but at least one person said that it was no longer happening in (I think). I assume this is the reason for #2 above but am unclear if "auto-start" might also affect #1 (random waking up). At any rate, mine is still doing both. :-/
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