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    Back to the old drawing board. The Palm Air Case doesn't work for me. As many others have pointed out, it's too tight to take off on a regular basis, and the 755p won't fit in the Palm Desk Charger with it on.

    I did try using just the holster without the case (even though they tell you not to) and, sure enough, the phone has fallen out of the holster twice now.

    • Suggestions on a case or holster that can be left on while putting the 755p in the desk charger, and
    • Anybody want to buy the Air Case and Holster?
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    I have the Seidio Slim(silicone)case with holster, & the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. ....just PERFECT! Take out of the holster, dock it on the Inno, charged!
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    Thanks! Will look into it, although I'd hoped not to have to buy another charger as well.

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