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    Wife has been trading hundreds of SMS messages to same guy for a week.

    I've been archiving them and am ready to confront her. Today's messages have been deleted by her (perhaps she's knows I know)


    I need a way to undelete the deleted SMS messages on the Treo 650 - Sprint PCS is my service provider and I have an expansion card in the slot but I don't think I ever set it up to archive SMS messages.

    Could use some help - any suggestions. Please bear in mind any work on do to acheive this needs to be done in a timely manner as she will miss her phone if it's gone for more than 1 hours.

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    Not need to retrieve messages. Time for a Donkey Punch or a Mollywop.
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    Who wants the proof? Is she denying? You may be surprised she wont.
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    Be prepare for the worst thing that she won't deny.

    If she hotsync regularly, here you go:

    browse to C:\Program Files\palmOne\<her sync ID>\Backup look for Messages_Database.PDB then re-install back to her Treo or buy an identical Treo, set up the same her sync ID, then hotsync. Voila.

    A harder case: use some kind of software to recover the delete file e.g recovermyfile to get back Messages_Database.PDB

    Treo Maniac?

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