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    Hey guys I have a question. So my treo was giving me alot of problems, resets, programs would'nt work, etc....and I made a zero reset. This completly erased all my data, and it works fine. What I noticed was when I made my hotsync because I wanted my contacts back. It completely took my treo back to the way it was, which sucks because it went back to reseting. Is there any way that I can just sync my contacts without anything else. For example when I want my contacts back on my phone (because i dont want to put them in all over again.too many) is there a way without synchronizing programs, my backups and stuff like that? thanks, sorry I am a noob and if you don't understand please feel free to ask, dont get mad. Thanks any help would be appreciated.

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    Sure, the backup folder, rename it from Backup to something like OLDBACKUP. When the backup process begins, it will not find a backup folder, so it will create a backup folder that is now empty and starts backing up and nothing installed except what you have the conduits set to. You want to have the conduits set to something like: Memos desktop overwrite device, same with Calendar, Contacts, Tasks.

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    Give this a read:

    The other such pages at that site are very useful too (more than TC's Wiki section
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    gee....thanks are the best.

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