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    It's pretty clear that I can set the device to both make a noise and vibrate when a new email arrives. I wonder, though, if it would be possible to:

    -- make noise only when Treo is not silencted.
    -- vibrate only when Treo is set to silent.

    This is the sort of functionality that one gets with the ringer. Would be nice with the email notification, also.

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    I don't believe so. My suggestion is to just turn the notification off all the time. I would guess that if you use GMM you are on a corporate email and receive tons of emails all day anway-so do you really need the thing to vibrate all day? I decided to turn off my notification when I started to get vibrations in my ear when I was talking on the phone and on a UMTS connection that sends voice and data simultaneously. I was hoping for a choice to "disable notification when on a voice call" but evidently the phone has not way of telling the data you are on a voice call so this is not an option.
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