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    Hello all,

    I am having a disturbing issue with my calender program on my treo 650. Within the last month, it has started behaving erratically and basically has been hiding info I know I put in the calender. There are certain entries I remember putting in the phone (thankfully my own memory still shows some life....) yet it still showing nothing on the calender, either in the single day mode or when it shows the week or the month. if I start to tap around or type a bit, sometimes something pops up and shows the various appointments I previously entered, but often it doesn't, no matter how much I tap around or type. also, sometimes it shows 6-8 empty entries waiting for info. it seems that this phone is somehow corrupted, but who knows. for someone that relies on this technology to organize his life, this is disturbing to say the least.

    My simple attempts at remedying this situation have been to restart the phone and clear out unwanted text messages to free up memory space (I had quite a few). I also deleted recently acquired games (solitaire) that might have changed the phone's ability to work well.

    I purchased the phone from Cingular as a refurbished phone and it has work flawlessly for over a year and a half. I have only "lightly dropped" it a few times and I have been using missing sync to sync it up to my laptop since the first week I've owned the phone.

    Any help or ideas from you all would be greatly appreciated.

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    Could you have the records hidden/ set as private? How do the appointments show in the calendar in Palm Desktop?
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    Thank you for responding. it does not appear that it is set for private. I looked under my settings and I've been unable to find a "private" function. Also, I use the iCal program on my laptop as my other program. In that case, all seems to appear normal.
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    Possibly delete the calendar db from your phone. Then have the desktop override the handheld.

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