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    Now don't bite my head off, I know similar questions are asked all the time, but I didn't see the answer to this specific one. I just read on the Palm website that if you want to sync with two computers one should only be a copy, it shouldn't be set to actually synchronize. But this is not really feasible for me, I really need to be able to synchronize both computers to my Treo 650. Will it really cause problems if I try to do this? I would be using Missing Sync on an iBook at home and an iMac at work. Any advice appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    If you have a .mac account, you can sync across multiple computers using .mac, go to system preferences and click on the .mac icon. If you do not have nor want to get a .mac account, you can buy sync together from markspace:

    I have used the .mac approach and it works so so. You just have to make sure that your .mac syncing is complete before you do any palm syncing, otherwise you will get conflicts. You occasionally get duplicates, especially with memos. But I have found that the palm program undupe by stevenscreeksoftware works great to counteract this.
    good luck

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