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    Hey everyone! I just upgraded from a 600 to a 755p and I really like it. I am having some trouble with it though and wanted to see if you all could help.

    1. My phone is freezing up a lot. I turn it on after it's been in my pocket and is frozen and won't work. I then do a soft reset. Probably doing this once a day.
    2. Versa Mail--is this a good program? It sends my emails maybe 50% of the time without error. My most common error is this: versa mail 451 See I am using an sbc global account.

    I don't have any software on the phone that i have added.
    Thanks for your insight!
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    are you in an area wiith bad sprint signal? --that can cause the freeze, as the treo is trying to grab on to a signal.
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    Did you perform a clean install or just install Palm Desktop and sync all of your old files and data? This could be the cause. The 755p is very stable. Sounds like you need a clean install.
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    thanks for the responses. I live in a great area for a sprint signal, I've never had any problems with it. I also installed the palm software and then missing sync. I didn't transfer my old files because i never synced my old phone.

    For the most part it's really stable, just the versa mail and a few freeze ups have made me nervous

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