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    First sorry for my bad English

    i have an older T 650. Original was simlock from Provider Orange Switzerland.
    Carrier DB: 249

    Now i change the Software to 1.20-ENA and Firmware 01.71
    Original Software was x.xx-OCH

    Now i need to Change de Carrier for other Simcards. The Messaging is: This Simcard is locked for this Phone.

    Can someone tell me the Carrier for Swisscom? So i can change with Room Tool.

    Zur Zeit hab ich auf dem T650 die Carrier DB 249.
    Die 249 gehört der Orange Schweiz.
    Wie lautet die Carrier nummer für diverse andere Provider?
    Ich bräuchte die Nummer von der Swisscom.

    Reicht es wenn ich im Room Tool den crnm auf INT ändere?

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    No. You don't have to change ROM for the other carriers. You ONLY NEED the subsidy unlock code. BTW, the message displays "SIM card Not Allowed", right?

    Not sure how you can get the unlock for free directly from Orange Switzerland, but ebay is another cheap solution! Use the BestOffer to get a deal for $6.
    Treo Maniac?

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