Okay all, I read these discussions religiously every day and have learned alot, and while I hardly every post, today is the day I have to share this with you. After trying many, many, many UNSUCCESSFUL ways to have my Treo 700p (in a hard leather case) sit in my car so I can both see and use it without it falling I FOUND IT!

For $1.99 at the Griffin Technologies website, they make a product for the IPOD's called the iSqueez. Just a simple foam rubber cutout for a cup holder with grooves/cutouts for the different IPOD's. Well I purchased one for $1.99 thinking it may work for my Treo 700p in its har leather case..IT DID and DOES GREAT! It sits at a 45 degree angle and does not move while driving or short stops. Fantastic and would recommend for all!