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    I have a license copy of CallRec 5.1 and I accidently deleted an important phone conversation that I now need. On yesterday I did do a sync of my Treo 680 and my PC so according to my CallRec sync conduit that I installed, it should be somewhere on my PC. The question is where and under what name would it be under.

    I cannot seem to fine anything that looks like an audio file on my PC from CallRec and when looking under the CallRec directory I cannot find anything...

    Please Help.........

    The Judge
    Houston, Tx.
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    From the manual:

    "Q3: I am using CallRec conduit but I cannot locate files on the PC after the HotSync.

    A: When you install CallRec conduit it become part of Palm Desktop application, like all other conduits and don't have any icons. If CallRec conduit is properly installed, when you sync your device with computer your recordings will be transferred in folder C:/Program Files/palmOne/[there is name of your hotsync user ID] /CallRec/, that is default folder, but you can change destination folder. If you want to change your destination folder first start applications HotSync Manager and Palm Desktop on your PC. After that go to Menu -HotSync-Custom of Palm Desktop application. From list of installed conduits chose CallRec and click change button. In the destination folder part click Change and chose destination folder."

    So, if you don't see anything in the CallRec directory...did you change the destination folder? How did you set the conduit's action? Is it set to "Do Nothing"?
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