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    does anyone know of where to get a replacement keypad for the treo700p?

    not the default hard plastic one but a rubberized one?

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    never heard of that, but it sounds like a really good ideal, i'd be in line for one.
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    I am looking for a rubber battery case replacement. The 700p is so slippery
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    i would suggest the palm flexiskin if u want to add grip to phone and keypad
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    I already have a slip on (non transparent) magnetic case. Sometimes I want to take it out to pull the battery etc. or use the phone without case.
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    i wish there was something that i could polish or paint over the keyboard to give it a rubber feel to add more grip, like the flexiskin gives

    i just dont like the flexiskin over the whole case, making it hard to get in and out of pocket
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    That's one mod that I'd definitely do. And yes, I have a silicone case for my Treo as well, but like italiangspot, I find it to be a pain to put into/remove from my pocket on a regular basis, which sort of renders it useless.

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    How about some sort of industrial paint on silicone? I imagine such a product must exist. If I can find it I'll be the guinea pig, I have no less than 10 spare keyboards laying around.
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    I quick ride to home depot would prob solve this !
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    Lol off I go....
    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by fleeing the scene of the accident!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KabukiAssassin View Post
    Lol off I go....
    u find anything .....?

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    guess not

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