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    I'm running into a brick wall getting bluetooth DUN working on my new Dell Latitude D630 notebook. I had it working on my previous Sony Notebook, but can't get it going on this one.

    I can get my 700p to hotsync to my laptop via bluetooth, so I know I at least have the two units paired up. I can also get DUN working via my USB tether, so I know that DUN via my 700p is working.

    The bluetooth software on my new laptop is "Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba," which is different from all of the instructions I've found over at Palm.

    It appears to me that one needs to setup the Palm Modem driver on my Notebook to point at a bluetooth virtual com port, but I can't get my machine to do it. Everytime I try to add a new palm modem, it installs it on the USB COM port.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    well I don't know what Bluetooth Stack for Windows is but if your using windows xp then you don't need any additional software for your bluetooth to work with DUN. You shouldn't have to worry about virtual ports or anything like you need to with hotsyncing... be a little more specific with what point in the process your having trouble with... also are you paying for the extra tethering service or are you using the hack (cause I only know the steps of the hack I don't know if it matters or not
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    The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is the windows application that manages bluetooth on my laptop. I think there are a few different apps out there that basically give one the wizards and what not to setup various bluetooth connections on your windows machine.

    COM ports really are at the heart of DUN as by definiation DUN is via a modem and this modem talks to your PC via a COM Port. Have a look at a typical USB tethered setup and you will see that there is the Palm Modem connected via a COM port (com 9 on my machine).

    I basically followed the procedure detailed here:

    Yes, this is for a windows mobile Treo, but the basics from the PC end should be the same, regardless of the type of Treo. I get stuck at the very last step. It won't make the connection.

    Yes, I am paying for tethered service and can in fact connect using my USB cable, just not bluetooth.

    I'm starting to think that this may be related to the bluetooth issues with the 700p.

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    sorry Im not sure how stable the bluetooth is on the windows treo since I have a palm treo..

    but as long as your dialing #777 and you make sure that the COM port for the bluetooth modem is the same in your modem screen in windows as it is on the dial up screen (ive had that problem that the com ports didn't match up and it didn't work)

    sorry that url didn't work its an error on palms site... my guess since you had it working on a previous laptop is it isn't the phone. Think whats different on both laptops im guessing its the software... in my experience software installed on a computer for bluetooth really messes things up. windows xp is very capable of handling bluetooth by its self with out the help of 3rd party software, but thats just my experience. try and get rid of the software and then try it and see if that helps.

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