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    Ask your IT department at work if they offer vpn access. Most companies do, but since you haven't heard of it then possibly your company doesn't.

    VPN allows you to connect to your company's network as if you were actually in the office on their LAN.

    Another alternative would be to see if they offer outlook web access. This allows you to access the exchange server over a web browser (no vpn needed). It looks and feels just like outlook. (well, pretty close anyway)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heat00 View Post

    what is vpn, how can my home outlook sync to my exchange outlook?

    please do explain....
    You will need to contact your corporate IT department for info. they will direct you to your company website, where you can download it. The company I work for used Cisco VPN for years. We have just switched in the last few weeks to a different software. I need to check it out this weekend........
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    Well, I easily got my home Outlook to read my exchange mail and calendar. Only problem is that my home Outlook seemed to have permanently downloaded all my mail instead of just reading the work server. My email server has zero messages on it.

    Any idea how to fix this?? Thanks!
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