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    I installed a few .prc hacks and stuff seems to be crashing. I'm planning to do a full reset (holding the up button, etc...). Will that reset everything back to factory/default/stock?
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    A hard reset will delete user installed applications from the device itself. A suggestion, after doing the hard reset and before installing applications, make it easy on yourself and install right off the bat an installation manager - Uninstall Manager and the Neat Freak Pack from are excellent to begin with.

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    Ah, cool, cool. I guess more specifically, will a hard reset remove SoundsApp-SMng- AAC Hack.prc? I just kinda want to "reformat/reinstall", if u get what I mean. Get rid of everything and install what I need and it'll be fast, ahaha.
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    ^ To answer your question, a full reset will restore your Treo to it's brand new out of box condition thus removing anything and everything you might have installed (including contacts, calendar entries, etc.)
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    okie, cool, cool, just the answer i was looking for, thanks
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    The question though, why not just uninstall the files you placed on the device and then execute a soft reset - that may just save you some time.


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